Best web design and development tools in 2022

The best web development tools make it simple and easy for developers to create and design a custom software platform.

Web development has long since left the grounds of having to individually code pages in HTML/CSSJavaScript, PHP, or another internet language, using just Notepad or simply code-friendly text editor

These days, development platforms are already available to help with every part of the process, from coding to web design itself. The result is the ability to build and host your own website the way you want it to look.

Of course, you could always just use an off-the-shelf CMS or the best website builder like WordPress to simplify the design process, but both of these offer a degree of limitation that may suit general consumers rather than the most creative web developers and designers.

For standalone websites, freedom to code and build your own design can reap rewards not just in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of security, as you are not relying on third-party software plugins that not only carry a risk of being hacked but may force you to subscribe to website monitoring or website defacement service to monitor for webpage changes and be alerted if – or when – they are.

With drag and drop tools combined with coding shortcuts, website development has come a very long way since the turn of the 21st century. Here we’ll feature some of the best web development tools currently available.

Software platforms for website developers

Great websites are more than just code, as they embody great design elements, including logos and images. Sketch endeavors to handle the design elements, and bills itself as a “design toolkit.” It has features including the ability to add simple animations and the creation of clickable prototypes. It also lets the user create a master symbol, that can then be used anywhere in the document, and be resized as needed- such as for an icon or an avatar. Furthermore, text and images can be manipulated into dynamic designs.

There is also a cloud component, which is termed Libraries, that allows collaboration as symbols can be shared and worked on together. Finally, custom fonts can be designed to give the website a truly custom look, in the FontRapid tool that can be then exported into an OpenType font file.  

A limiting factor is that Sketch only supports macOS. The pricing is based on a single-user license, which is a monthly or annual subscription.

The list of top technology companies that use InVision Cloud including the likes of Amazon, SoundCloud, Evernote, and Netflix, clearly validates the method of using a digital product design platform.

This approach includes a number of traditional design elements and processes, and takes them into the virtual age, with tools including an Element Library, a photography board, navigation flows, a web prototype for desktop sites, and the requisite in design, inspiration board. Their Prototype tool will be of interest to web developers as it can make a prototype website with clickable elements for desktop or mobile use.  Advertisement

While it offers multiple tools, the other plus is that there is also a free tier, that can handle a single prototype. For more ambitious needs, the Professional plan can take on unlimited

Chrome continues to be a popular choice for web surfers, and it includes Developer Tools right in the browser, and they are ready for your web development needs. The tools included are for debugging JavaScript, applying styles to HTML elements, messages to indicate how a page is running, and optimization for website speed. 

However, while an invaluable set of tools for web development in the Google Chrome browser note that these are limited specifically to only this browser rather than other web browsers, even ones that are Chromium-based. Advertisement

There is no charge to use the Chrome Developer Tools, and there is support available via an active DevTools community

prototypes for a charge. 

Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code (or VScode) also lie in the categories of best design and development tools.


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